Green Bay, WI
5:20 am8:16 pm CDT
May 18, 2024 1:18 pm

Local News

Northern Wisconsin Gas Prices Continue to Fall 


Across the state of Wisconsin, gas prices have fallen over the last month and are down 34 cents to $3.28 a gallon. For diesel customers, prices are also down from a month ago – 10 cents to $4.21. These trends are in line with national ones, where gas prices are down 14 cents a gallon from last month. 

Current prices per gallon across Northern Wisconsin according to AAA are below. Customers across the region are seeing savings compared to this time last month. In Pierce-St. Croix County and Superior, prices have fallen back below $4 a gallon. 

Eau Claire: $3.21, down 66 cents

Pierce-St. Croix: $3.57, down 43 cents

Superior: $3.50, down 55 cents

Wausau: $3.41, down 31 cents