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Michels’ Position On Guns Faces New Scrutiny

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Staff Writer

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels has made his pro-gun agenda clear throughout his entire campaign, but the extremity of his beliefs has recently been called into question. 

Like many of his Republican counterparts, Michels is against red flag laws which help to keep firearms away from individuals who are a danger to themselves or others. These laws tend to be focused around protecting individuals who are experiencing domestic violence. Michels has claimed that these laws are “unconstitutional” and “are not the answer” to reducing gun violence. 

And, at a recent town hall, Michels even said that “I want to make sure that law-abiding gun owners aren’t having their guns confiscated because an angry ex, ex-spouse, makes a complaint.”

Earlier this year, Michels also opposed a bipartisan package of gun reforms introduced that would have enforced a background check on individuals under 21 who want to purchase a gun. Michels also opposes assault rifle bans, meaning that he supports the right for all individuals, even teenagers, in Wisconsin to have access to purchase weapons as dangerous as AR-15s. 

While at the October gubernatorial debate, Michels claimed that he had a “solution” for guns, but he never detailed the plan. Regardless, it is clear the future of Wisconsin gun laws will be on the line on November 8th.